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Compared to other states, Kerala possess the best climate condition. Weather of Kerala remains pleasant throughout the year. The reason is because it is nearest to the sea and also the presence of the Western Ghats in the east of Kerala. Geographical features of kerala are the reason that brings diversity in the climate condition of this beautiful place. Weather of Kerala is the reason that attracts a large no of tourists from all around the world throughout year.

Weather of Kerala can be classified into three major seasons:

Summer: – summer season in Kerala extends from February to May. During this time the climate is sunny and hot. The temperature can generally go up to 35°C.

Monsoon: – In Kerala, Monsoon is categorize into south west and North East Monsoon. Monsoon in Kerala is generally lies between June to mid November. There is fairly good rainfall during this season and temperature dips till 18°C. The average rainfall in this season ranges from 2250-2500 mm in South west monsoon and 450-500 mm in the north east monsoon.

Winter: – winter season in Kerala extends from November to February. In winter temperature of Kerala generally goes down up to 10°. Winters in Kerala starts when the state gets northern monsoon in November.

One can enjoy the beauty of Kerala in every season either it is summer, monsoon, and winter. In every season this place has a lot to offer you.