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Houseboats as the name suggest are just a floating house on water having all the living facilities for the inmates built to float on water. It contains everything such as kitchen, bathroom, living rooms etc. The structure of these boats differs from the normal boats because these are used for some kind of special purpose that is for living. The people of Kerala also called it kettuvallam.

The material that is used for construction of these houseboats consist piece of woods ( Anjili wood/jack wood, jack fruit tree boards etc), bamboos, coir ropes, cashew nut oil etc . The body of the houseboat is made up by joining the wooden pieces with coir-ropes and coconut husk fiber stuffed in between then the sticky cashew nut oil is applied on the coconut fiber. The roof of the boat is made up by using bamboos, cane, arecanut tree stems etc. The color of the wall is generally yellowish brown i.e. the color of the bamboos and coir fiber.

Features of a Houseboats:

    • Well structured so that people can stay in it.
    • The top of the boat is completely covered, and it has a body that protects people from the sunlight, rain etc.
      • It has multiple rooms and are multistoried for different purpose with attached toilet.
    • A kitchen which is fireproof to avoid any accidents.
    • It has a facility to store fuel.
    • It should have a valid license
    • It is usually made up of wood or steel

The houseboats in Kerala are the major tourist attraction. Depending upon the facilities provided by the houseboat, it can be categorize into Deluxe, Super deluxe and luxury. If you have not experience Kerala houseboat during your Kerala tour, it means you have not enjoyed anything. One should enjoy it once in their lifetime.